Isatis tinetoria

by ruthsmason

Also known as woad, this plant grows similarly to indigo, about a meter high with long, light stems and leaves and yellow flowers. Our friends indulged my passion for the story behind all blue dyes and took us to Lectoure and a woad growing and dying center that produces Pastel. tells their particular story.  It was a lovely outing, and another chance to indulge this keen interest.  The pastel color is lighter and softer than most indigos– isn’t it lovely?  

People claim that the paint protects the wood from insects and such.  Similarly, cloth dyed with indigo is said to keep biting insects away as well. Blue is in the news quite a bit these days–a novel called Sacre Blue that several friends mentioned, and a film that won in Cannes and is causing a stir with its lesbian themes.   Such a clever a color; its legacy takes you to wonderful, new places!Image