Circling Paris

by ruthsmason

My blue socks didn’t get much rest, but it didn’t matter because Paris smiles even when you see her out of rain spattered windows. image 
We searched for E. Dehillerin’s cookery story–an amazing place full of copper pots, pans, and enamel-clad cast iron treasures. Here’s the window:image

This shop has been in Paris for many, many years–in the Les Halles area.  You’d enjoy it too, I’m sure!  Another walk took me to Galeries Collbert et Vivienne on the Rue des Petits Champs & Rue Vivienne.  This glass roofed shopping arcade is known for its mosaic floors, charming shops and history. It is not on any beaten path, but definitely worth a visit.
It’s also fun to visit the Place Vendome, a huge square with Napoleon on top of a high column.  He likes being high up on columns or horses.  But, for fun, you can turn your back on him and walk all around the perimeter of the square and oogle the jewelry in the top-of-the-top stores.  Window after window of jewelry–more circles; more gems than sense.  Another world.  Guarded and behind glass; but the craftsmanship is superb.
Another few steps away up small, crowded streets is the Place de Ste. Madeleine. Here a huge church with heavy columns sits in the middle of the square. Surrounding it are shops full of high fashion and food. Macaroons are amazing in France, and the shop we found was beautiful inside and out. Here is the shop and the pyramid of those most delicate of sweets:image



We kept enjoying the streets, the 17th arrondissement and various obscure museums.  I looped back to the Decorative Arts section of the Louvre which I highly recommend too.  It holds shell-shaped beds, china, glassware, chairs from every era–so much to enjoy.  Art Nouveau ceramics in the shape of goblets were my favorite things among many other lovely bibelots.  I’ll attach a few more and then wave good-bye for now.  imageimage