Love Wave

by ruthsmason

James and Wendi wed at the Swan Hotel in Windermere, Lake District. It was a weekend awash with love and good wishes, surprises and a mix of a sunshine, rain, wind and calm. Vows and readings were guided by a petite woman from the local Registry Office. The couple signed a huge registry using an ink pot and a dip pen.  The ‘wedding breakfast’ [at 2 p.m.] in a beautiful conservatory decorated with garlands of purple, blue and white flowers was followed by a ride on a boat on Lake Windermere. A jazz band, more wine and a magician doing card tricks came along. But, the real magic happened when the sun came out and a full rainbow appeared!  The most wonderful surprise of all was that at the ceremony Greg and I were seated in the front row on a purple cut-velvet couch. As we are James’ aunt and uncle, we were honored as the family elders. Another surprise was: no cake. Instead, after an elegant evening buffet, dark chocolate brownies and Eaton mess were served. Yes, you ask, what is Eaton mess?  It is whipped cream with crushed strawberries and broken bits of meringue, ever so delicate and very festive!

My wish for the happy couple: May Wendi and James ride the waves of life together safely and happily.image