A wave of cold weather

by ruthsmason

May the first finds snow falling in St. Paul, Minnesota.  A cold wave for my first post of wavelets of conversation with you that will begin today and carry through to the end of the year.   Thought wave #1: A highlight of the play NICE FISH by Mark Rylance and Louis Jenkins at the Guthrie Theater came when the goddess Freya appeared as a green wave of light in the North sky.  See the play if you can; it’s full of whimsy and substance.  Thought wave #2: Weather aside, my wave good-bye to you is full of warm, good feelings as we get ready to fly to England and enjoy a wedding. I’ll miss friends and family here; but, I’ll stay in touch.  Promise. Thought wave #3: Please wish us blue skies and calm seas–just little currents and eddies; o.k., maybe a few waves.